OB Break In

Before starting your overhauled outboard engine please do the following:

  • Use only brand name OEM Outboard TCW III oil.
  • Premix at DOUBLE the manufacturers recommended ratio for normal use.
    Oil Injected Engines use 50/1 ratio in tank along w/the injection for 1st 10 Hours.
  • Filling the injector tank to the top and then checking the level regularly at timed intervals to verify that the injection system is functioning is HIGHLY Recommended
    Dry Gas instructions reads “safe for two cycle” but this means it won’t separate the oil from the fuel but it still can lean the fuel mixture with the alcohol.
  • Be Sure to FIRST check if you have water in your gas (take a sample to see) you MUST get rid of all of it by draining it out before using the motor.
  • A Fuel Water separator is Highly Recommended.
  • Start your engine at home using flush muffs to see that it actually does start BEFORE you head out, the extra time it takes to check will save you time at the Ramp.
  • Once it is obvious the engine will start and run. I suggest you carefully feel the engine to make sure it is not overheating and it is pumping water, at least 15 minutes run time.
  • Launch the Noat and Restart the engine and let it warm up SLOWLY in Neutral at no more than 1200 RPMS. Now you may go for a ride, Enjoy.
  • Do not exceed 1500 rpms loaded (in gear) and vary the speed from idle until you have two hours on the engine, I know you want to go Faster.
  • It is time consuming and tedious but it is the basis for long and happy long engine life.
  • At this point you can run the engine up a bit more, cruise at 3000-3500 RPM, periodically giving it short runs up to full throttle. Keep it Brief.
  • This should continue until there are approximately ten hours on the engine, and then your Powerhead should be broken in allowing you to now and only now use it for water skiing, tubing etc..
  • If you follow the outlined procedures you will get better service from your engine.
  • Be sure that at maximum throttle the engine will turn up to 5500 RPM, the top operating RPM for most 2 strokes.
  • If it doesn’t the propeller should be changed until the engine runs at or slightly over the rated operating range with a light load.
  • The wrong prop can cause the motor to lug, overheat or at the other extremes over rev and destroy all of your good work.
  • Be sure to bring the motor to me for the re-torque of the cylinder head bolts if required.
    I will re-torque the head bolts for FREE.

Safe Boating !!!