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Snowmobile Engine Rebuild Rates

Snowmobile Engine Rebuild Rates 2017

Example-2 cylinders liquid cooled  2004 ski doo mxz 600 HO- (top end job) We only use quality parts which meet or exceed original equipment.
Parts –  Price
2 std. Teflon /Moly coated pistons, rings, pins and pin clips set. these are better than the original. pin bearings additional. $150.00
1 gasket set, Top end. $52.00
2 pilot jets $7.40
1 Quantity  antifreeze coolant $10.00
Tax $13.69
Total for parts (subject to change) $233.09
Labor – $400.00 ($80/hour) Price
2 hours for evaluation, testing, dis assembly, light cylinder honing, measuring, critical inspection and port chamfering ( 2.5 hrs. for fan cooled)
3 hours more to complete engine overhaul, including cleaning gasket surfaces, re-assembly, carburetor cleaning, re-jetting and test running. (3.5 hrs for fan cooled)
Labor total 5 hrs. (6 hrs for fan cooled twins, 7 hrs for 3 cyl liq.) $425.00
Grand total (parts and labor)does not include new fuel and klotz premix oil, spark plugs or fasteners if needed. $671.78

Prices subject to change.



 other engine rebuilding / overhauling prices;
Cylinder Plating is about $283.00 per cylinder
For Non plated cylinders- Cylinder Boring is about $85.00 per cylinder
 Our regular labor rate for 2017 is $90/hr./$45 half hr.

Our engine overhaul rate is $85/hr. 2017

 Please call for more information

Snowmobile engine overheating DONT DO IT

Here are some Facts

Liquid cooled Snowmobile engines generally operate normally at temperatures below 175 degrees. The thermostat opens at 120 degrees.  Most temperature lights come on at around 180 degrees indicating an overheat condition will result if operation is not ceased. Most gauges have the hot area begin at 170.

If the snowmobile is operated above the boiling point of the coolant, the coolant will expel through the overflow. Ethel glycol/green antifreeze coolant will boil at

Full strength 388 degrees,

when mixed at a ratio of 70% coolant 30% water it boils at 235 degrees. 50/50 boils at 223

140… warm

160… hot…

180… too hot shut off

 mach z 07 pair
 And More to consider when shopping for a great shop…
 Labor rate is what a customer is charged for an hr of work. Currently we charge $90 per hr calculated in half hr increments of $45.We can estimate a job based on our experience and knowledge of parts prices.Here is an example:

A 1999 skidoo mxz600. Carb Service: A Thorough Carburetor cleaning for this snowmobile takes just over an hr from start to finish. That’s 1.5 hrs.= $135


Another shop may have a labor rate of $75 per hr but they charge 2 hrs for the same job= $150.00

So if your shopping around for a repair shop and the only criteria you base your decision on is the ”labor rate”, you may end up spending more if you cheap out.

Base your choice on the mechanics education, training and experience too  and you will likely choose us. Thanks for reading!